ANA Membership Winners

Gail Baker, Director of Education for the American Numismatic Association, is sponsoring one member of the Crescent City Coin Club per month for a trial ANA membership!


In addition, the Crescent City Coin Club has decided to sponsor one YN (Young Numismatist) per month for ANA membership for every adult sponsored by the ANA!

Our first drawing was at the June 2003 general membership meeting.  Our first winners were Mal Theriot and Emily Green.  Mal was sponsored by the ANA as an adult member and Emily was sponsored by the Crescent City Coin Club as a Young Numismatist.

Note: To be eligible, participants must be current members of the Crescent City Coin Club and not current members of the American Numismatic Association.

Date Adult sponsored by ANA YN sponsored by Club
June 2003 Mal Theriot Emily Green
July 2003 Arthur Seale Elizabeth Green
August 2003 Mary Turner Nathan Seale
September 2003 Ed Cruse Ali Greer
October 2003 Clinton Boyle Sammy-Jo Greer
November 2003 Ed Rahn Neil Chawala

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