History of the Crescent City Coin Club

Crescent City Coin Club was founded in 1960 and incorporated in 1962
The Crescent City Coin Club was incorporated as a non-profit organization under the laws of the State of Louisiana on November 15, 1962.

The Crescent City Coin Club has remained an active numismatic club, despite the founding and disbanding of 4 other numismatic clubs in the New Orleans metropolitan area.

It has sponsored coin shows since its founding in at least 6 different locations, each show a success.  The early shows were presented at the American Legion Hall on Royal Street in the famous French Quarter of New Orleans during the Mardi Gras season.  Later the club sponsored 2 shows a year.  Other show locations included the Fontainebleau Motor Hotel, Sheraton Hotel, Ramada Airport Motel, Quality Hotel, VFW Hall (Metry Post 6640), DoubleTree Hotel, and the Knights of Columbus Hall.

In its history, the Crescent City Coin Club has sponsored and presented the Louisiana Numismatic Association coins shows during the summer months.  We were the Host Club for the 1972 and 1981 Annual ANA (American Numismatic Association) Shows.  We hosted the 1994 ANA Spring Convention and the Blue Ridge Show held at the Marriott Hotel.  Most recently, we hosted the ANA National Money Show in 2013.

Our successful history can only be attributed to the interest and participation of our members over the long life of our club.  The future of the Crescent City Coin Club lies in the continuing interest and participation of its members.  May we continue for another 58 years!

Past Presidents of the Crescent City Coin Club
(term May 1 thru April 30)

1960/61James H. Cohen
1961/62Arthur Samson
1962/63Carlos P. Cabibi
1963/64Sherman P. Raphael
1964/65Robert S. Eddy III
1965/66Jack Metzger, Jr.
1966/67Alan Schindler
1967/68Val C. Mogensen
1968/69Donald Charles
1969/70Donald W. Urquhart
1970/71William Russell
1971/72Gladys Eddy
1972/73Adolph Brocato
1973/74Colman Ezkovich
1974/75Robert S. Eddy III
1975/76George Osborn
1976/77Lowell Lundberg
1977/78Patricia Reno
1978/79R. Newton Eddy, Jr.
1979/80Robert Carpenter
1980/81Patricia Reno
1981/82Robert Reed
1982/83Shirley Close
1983/84Phillip May
1984/85Robert S. Eddy III
1985/86Robert S. Eddy III
1986/87Robert S. Eddy III
1987/88Don Wilkinson
1988/89James Diefenthal
1989/90James Diefenthal
1990/91Vincent Marhay
1991/92Julius Aronowitz
1992/93Julius Aronowitz
1993/94Steve Austin


Past Presidents of the Crescent City Coin Club
(term changed to calendar year with 1993/94 term extended to 12/31/1994)

1995Robert S. Eddy III
1996Vic Turner
1997Vic Turner
1998Rick Demers
1999Rick Demers
2000Randy Jackson
2001Eric Leonard
2002Eric Leonard
2003Eric Leonard
2004Robert S. Eddy III
2005Robert S. Eddy III
2006Robert S. Eddy III
2007Rick Demers
2008Rick Demers
2009Michael Buras
2010Michael Buras
2011Michael Buras
2012Rick Demers
2013Rick Demers
2014Linton Duet, Jr.
2015Linton Duet, Jr.
2016Linton Duet, Jr.
2017Linton Duet, Jr.
2018Linton Duet, Jr.
2019Michael Buras


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